Tank Designs

Underground Ele-Tank 

Flat Top Tanks

Need a tank but don't want to look at it every day? Need a tank but want to use your yard? Our 25,000 Litre flat top tank can be buried with only a manhole access hatch visible above ground.  


Standard Concrete Tank

Standard Concrete Tank

Our Flagship Product!  our 25,000 Litre tank will suit 95% of applications, made with a single pour real precast process, it will last a lifetime.


10,000 Litre Concrete Tank

10,000L Rainwater Tank

Originally designed for the Kapiti Coast, these tanks are an ideal size to save money on water rates, suitable to run your toilet, laundry and hose taps, these tanks come with a good pump built in and a top up valve to top up to a minimum level.

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