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Since the 1930’s Larsens have produced high quality concrete water troughs, tanks and septic tanks which still form the core of today’s business. A strong and loyal following of customers has been built and maintained since the company started by using a philosophy of honesty along with offering a top line product at a fair price, qualities that still ring true today. 

Walter Larsen, the company founder, had a vision to build round houses made of concrete on a commercial scale. At the time these designs were futuristic and were probably part of the reason that his dream never came to fruition. But out of failure sometimes comes success and the process Walter devised was used to construct thousands of storage sheds and water tanks that were incorporated into the State Housing design of the time and can still be seen today. Back in the day the tanks were all poured on site and on completion the gang would then move on to the next job.

In 1992 the opportunity arose for Ian and Pam McDonald to purchase Larsens and a revitalisation and diversification programme was implemented with the aim of establishing a complete water supply centre. Obtaining the associated products that would enable this to happen was an important step and strategic alliances with several national and international merchants have been an integral part of the growth process.

Alliances with Iplex Pipelines, Keyplas and RX Plastics allow Larsens to provide a full range of pipe and fittings for drainage and water supply. Grundfos pumps are providing their full range of water, drainage and circulation pumps.

Septech Australia have appointed Larsens as the New Zealand agent for their sewage treatment plants. This portion of the Company distributes sewage treatment plants from Northland to Nelson, and is currently looking for further agents in other areas. Septech is growing rapidly as the impact of rural lifestyle subdivisions continues and as Councils implement the AS1546 and AS1547 septic tank and disposal field standards.

The concrete side of the business has kept pace with the development of the complete water supply centre and this along with the modern technologies has moulded together a team that is focused on customer needs and continual improvement of the goods and services that Larsens provide.

Larsens was founded on innovation and Larsens today continually strive to bring new products to market at competitive costings to benefit their customers. They have brought mould technologies in from Australia, have created new methodologies for the manufacture of water tanks and troughs and invested in the Heads Road complex so that processes are performed under cover.

Qualities that were the essence of Larsens back at the beginning and qualities that Walter Larsen would be proud of today.

Tank Designs

Underground Ele-Tank 

Flat Top Tanks

Need a tank but don't want to look at it every day? Need a tank but want to use your yard? Our 25,000 Litre flat top tank can be buried with only a manhole access hatch visible above ground.  


Standard Concrete Tank

Standard Concrete Tank

Our Flagship Product!  our 25,000 Litre tank will suit 95% of applications, made with a single pour real precast process, it will last a lifetime.


10,000 Litre Concrete Tank

10,000L Rainwater Tank

Originally designed for the Kapiti Coast, these tanks are an ideal size to save money on water rates, suitable to run your toilet, laundry and hose taps, these tanks come with a good pump built in and a top up valve to top up to a minimum level.

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Single Pour Precast

All Eletank branded tanks are single pour precast which means there are no joins under water in the tank, it is a single piece of concrete which is the best manufacturing process available in New Zealand.

Local Support

Wherever possible we use local contractors for all work onsite, our contacts in the area mean we can respond rapidly when needed.